Comfy Office Desk Chair

C20 Comfy white rolling mesh office desk chair stool Overview: Specifications Type: Office Furniture / Specific Use: Office Chair/ office stool General Use: Commercial Furniture Material: rolling metal mechanism, gird mesh, 3 D mesh , chrome base Style: Office chair, office stool, desk chair...

Product Details

comfy office desk chair


Chair width


Chair depth


chair Height



Black frame+ black mesh ,black frame + red mesh, black frame + orange mesh, black frame +blue mesh; white frame + black mesh, white frame +red mesh, white frame + blue mesh, etc.

Weight/per ctn


Material as below:

1. Rolling office chair with thick metal mechanism;

2. Office chair back mesh, 3D mesh office chair;

3. High density sponge, thick plywood.


After careful design by the designer, every detail exudes a chic atmosphere, which makes your office more innovative. The ergonomics truly defeats the traditional design, letting you say goodbye to restlessness, realizing no need for sedentary office work, and lifting design is designed for a long time. Sitting on the family. Take care of your health and make it easy to change.

In the summer, the ergonomic computer chair with breathable mesh is your need, giving you a healthier, more comfortable and safe sitting space. It is ergonomically designed and standardized, allowing you to change without change, healthy and comfortable. Sitting posture makes you sit back and relax, and efficiency is multiplied.

Work is tired, this time you are eager to take a rest, a good chair double armrests according to ergonomic design, free to change, so that the arms are relaxed, comfortable and beautiful, easy to relieve work pressure during the lunch break, quiet design The universal wheel allows you to rest as you wish.

At work, a comfortable ergonomic office chair is very important, not only can change the long-term office posture, but also bring you a healthier working space, greatly improving your work efficiency.


The ergonomic backrest of this large, high mesh chair reduces back strain and makes you feel comfortable. The backrest features an integral frame that ensures greater reliability and robustness. This office chair with back support provides excellent support for the lower back for a more comfortable sitting experience.

The ergonomic seat shape is suitable for the human hip curve. This design will increase the gravity area to disperse the pressure on the buttocks, making it ideal for all-day use. The excellent breathable mesh surface allows the air to flow naturally, keeping the body cool and sedentary without overheating.

All heights can be adjusted to your wishes. This tall office chair is suitable for people of different heights and tables. The height of the two support armrests adjusts your arms to the most enjoyable position. The entire chair can be rotated 360 degrees to provide extra relaxation after working at the busy desk.