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What Is A Computer Chair? What Kind Of Computer Chairs Are Good?

Apr 12, 2017

Foreword: More and more people mention computer chairs, but understanding the meaning of computer chairs is not a lot of people, then what is a computer chair? What kind of computer chairs are better, the following small series to give you a comprehensive introduction.

Definition: Computer chairs can not be literally understood as sitting on the computer beside the Chair, because computer chairs have some ergonomic, conducive to health, so more time, it is also known as ergonomic computer chairs, has been widely used in people's work and learning and production sites. In daily life, ergonomic computer chairs can be classified into many categories. The following small series in black-and-white tone (Hbada) ergonomic computer chairs, Jian Ai (JEye) High-end ergonomic computer chairs to illustrate.

According to the location.

There are usually several categories:

1 Work Chair: Applicable to the production workshop and other workplaces, computer chairs, the composition of simple.

2 Student Chairs: Applicable to schools and conference venues, etc. Also the composition of the computer chair is simple.

3 computer chair: Widely used in office environment, computer chairs are small, occupy less space.

4-shift chair: computer chairs are larger, occupy a large area, usually the user is the management of a class of personnel.

5 CEO chair: Also known as boss Chair, exterior atmosphere.

6 Meeting chair: The appearance of novelty, fashion, computer chair comfort is not the first element of the designer

According to the fabric to score.

There are usually several categories:

1 Ma Rong Chair: Work chair, Clerk Chair, shift chair adopts more.

2 Mesh chair: Early years shift chairs, meeting chairs, class chairs, the use of more, such fabrics of computer chairs have strong ventilation, relatively suitable for sedentary. It has been widely used in the staff chairs.

3 Leather Chairs: The most used in CEO chairs. Leather: leather, imitation leather.

4 anti-static chairs: computer chairs on the surface of anti-static treatment, or anti-static accessories and fabrics.