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Teach You How To Buy High-grade Computer Chairs

Apr 12, 2017

1, Handrails

A good computer chair, its armrest is best adjustable, because everyone sits down elbows and handrails formed the angle is not the same. Handrails best can according to the weight of the hand, oh, is the individual needs, the rotation of each radian adjustment, so that the elbow to maintain the most comfortable angle, so no longer worry that I am sour!

2, waist support

Speaking of the comfort of chairs, the most important is waist support! For a long time sitting in a computer chair without a waist or waist-holding, the waist is prone to problems. The younger waist is not good, indecent ... Therefore, fitting your waist back shape is the key.

The most direct test method is to sit, look at the back of the chair can be completely wrapped up your back and hold, of course, do not exclude your waist too coarse packet is not complete.

3, chair back tilt strength

Now many computer chairs back are elastic back-style, can share the weight of the part of the upper body. But the elasticity is moderate, if the elastic too large, thin is difficult to back up; if the elasticity is too small, fat is easy to fall back.

A chair with no adjustable backs is not a good chair. If you want to adjust the angle of the chair back, you can press and hold the handle of the back of the chair, while sitting in the chair back to the pressure, adjust to comfortable position after let go, the chair back is fixed in the angle you need.

4, head Pillow

Generally speaking, computer chair long-term users should choose to have a head pillow computer chairs, with radian Head pillow in line with the human neck curve, can effectively relieve neck fatigue. Head pillow has fixed and adjustable, adjustable head pillow can achieve high-low and angle adjustment, firmly implement "How to sleep on how to sleep" concept.

5, depth

The most comfortable state should be when the fart to sit on the seat cushion, seat pad can effectively support the thigh 70%% of the area (but like mango sister 1.8-meter long legs to say another ...). )。 The good seats are you no matter what kind of weird posture, the edge of the cushion can fit the legs to release the lower thigh pressure.

6, Material

What material to choose to let summer not sweat sticky cushion, winter is not too cold, like sitting ice? The answer is textile fabrics. Many people think leather chairs are the best choice, but the actual textile lining of the seats to be much softer, ventilation and insulation is also better, also not easy to slip.

7, Roller

As a computer chair, it is also very important to "roll". Metal roller, especially wrapped in rubber metal rollers, the floor damage to the small, in the guarantee of life, can make you "roll" farther.

Using different environments, you can choose different rollers. For example, on wooden floors, do not use hard plastic rollers, avoid leaving traces of "roll".