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Need To Have A Good Computer Chair

Nowadays, most people are working on the computer Chairs all day, and the disease problems that accompany them have always been troubling everyone, many friends to understand that sedentary disease can trigger cervical vertebra, in fact, more than that, there are many illnesses and sedentary computer chairs are uncomfortable related, so often exercise and have a suitable computer chairs to become particularly important, below for the introduction of sedentary people can trigger what unhealthy problems.

First of all, we all know the cervical vertebra problem, sedentary may cause cervical vertebra problem, make our brain function slowly, cause the brain to blur, and lead to cervical spine stiffness, and can cause permanent cervical vertebra imbalance, and will accompany with shoulder and back pain.

If the longer period of inactivity can also lead to muscle rigidity, when we stand, exercise and upright posture, the abdominal muscles can get a lot of exercise, but when we are paralyzed posture, resulting in the abdominal muscles do not exercise, ultimately resulting in the spine of the original curve amplification, damage the spine. Sedentary also causes the hip and hip muscles to not exercise, will affect our activities.

Finally, when our spine and muscles are unhealthy, it is possible to trigger worse illnesses, such as hypertension, heart disease, and even cancer.

Therefore, often sedentary friends to arouse attention, to regular exercise, work for a period of time to move their own body, to promote blood circulation; when we are at work, we should keep upright posture, exercise our muscles, and choose a computer chair that suits your own, preferably ergonomic computer chairs, in line with our ergonomic curves, which protects our spine and prevents the emergence of disease.