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How To Change The Wheels Of A Computer Chair

Apr 12, 2017

Frequent use of computer chairs friends must know this problem, computer chairs the favorite parts of the damage is the wheel, because it will often move, the computer chair wheel damage is the heaviest. Do not underestimate this small wheel, seemingly no impact, but the wheels not only affect the use of function, not normal flexible mobility, but also affect the beauty and use of mood. The damaged part is likely to cause serious scratches on the floor. Of course no one wants to use bad computer chairs. But this problem is also solved, because there will be spare wheels, as long as a replacement can be used normally, so the wheel of computer chairs How to change is very important.

The general wheels are directly inserted into the chassis of the computer, because the fixed relatively strong, so it is difficult to pull out, this requires a screwdriver tool, the wheel and chassis combined with a hard tilt, you can remove the wheels. But it is important to remember that you can't shake off the left, because this can damage the chassis, causing the new wheels to install inappropriate, will create loose or sloshing phenomena. So be sure to pull it out directly. This will not cause damage to the computer chairs.

When removing the bad wheels, the installation of new wheels becomes very simple, just need to check the new wheels of the Iron column on the chassis of the computer chair, and then hammer gently hammering fixed to live.

When the new wheels are installed, because the new wheels and other wheels are not the same time, so the installation after the use of careful remember to go through a period of time in the run-in, so that the new wheels can be perfect with computer chairs, our computer chairs can be used normally.