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Computer Chair Height Adjustment

Apr 12, 2017

In the use of ergonomic computer chairs, a very important condition is the height, not only in suitable for different people to adjust the height, when we are in different use, we also need to adjust the height, such as when we are at work and we rely on the rest of the backrest, the need to adjust the height is different, and its comfort is different, the height is different from person is also because of the difference in use. Here is a brief introduction to the computer chair height should be paid attention to.

1. First is the adjustment process, can lift the computer chair is relying on the chair under the pressure of the air rod in different to regulate, therefore, in adjusting height must be seated in the upper adjustment, rotating the seat under the switch to regulate the pressure, so that the downward adjustment can be slightly lifted up, it can be adjusted upward, very convenient. And many computer chairs are made slowly adjusting when they are adjusted so that they don't feel scared or uncomfortable.

2. Then the height of the computer chair, which is the purpose of our adjustment. The right height must be comfortable and healthy. But the complete comfort is not necessarily healthy, so it is also necessary to regulate the level of health to the height of your body. Generally at work time to ensure the height of two points, one point is to ensure the upper body upright, the line of sight to keep the level of the computer screen, the other point is that the legs of the horizontal sitting at the time will not oppress the thigh, such a height is appropriate. When we rest on our backs, we must ensure that our legs will not be oppressed, but also to ensure the relaxation and comfort of the waist. Such heights are appropriate for rest.

3. Lastly, it is also important to emphasize a point of height, there is no fixed size, is based on their own actual situation to determine, there are some specific sizes and heights may be suitable for most people, but not for everyone, but as long as the spirit of health and comfort to computer chairs to adjust height must be correct, because it is different from person.