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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Office Chairs

Apr 12, 2017

The place where we work will always have office chairs, sitting in this chair every day, should we clean and maintain it so that it can serve us better?

1. Regular maintenance. Leather office chair to buy home, first use maintenance wax to the office chairs on a layer of protective film, lest dirt, sweat immersion into the pores of office chairs, the future is difficult to clean, pay attention to do not use water to scrub leather office chairs, long time will make the cortex harden, lose the feeling of softness.

2, stains will be cleaned in time. The monthly maintenance of the wax will be office chairs clean, summer, because people sweat more, every week should be maintained once, not waiting for office chairs dirty after cleaning, it is difficult to clean the original, and, in addition, a lot of detergent to the cortex is harmful, when cleaning is very difficult to see, the days of a long time out of the problem, genuine leather office chairs, the cortex is precious, like the skin of people, need to care to maintain, only maintenance, your leather office chairs can be long as new, To bring you the enjoyment of life, do not casually clean the office chairs, the first is to make the leather leg color, the second is to harden the cortex.

Remember to clean up your work chair at a time next time you work.