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What is the ergonomic chair

Apr 12, 2017

More than 10 years ago, due to the manufacturing process and design concept of the problem, the overall experience of the use is not good. And now the chairs are generally designed to conform to ergonomic, more to take into account the comfort of people. What is the most ergonomic chair? Here's a small addendum to give you a brief introduction.

Ergonomics mainly adopts net cloth (ingredient: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber for), environmental protection cloth + high-quality memory cotton, such as elastic environmental materials making cushion and chair back, in the process design is very adaptable to the future of the new trend of furniture development. With good ventilation and cooling characteristics, comfortable health, can prevent the use of chairs in the process of producing bacterial growth environment. And can reduce the pressure area of the hip back, press the acupuncture points, promote the hip back blood circulation, avoid neck shoulder waist strain, keep your healthy physique. The development of more successful has: DXRACER, star Light health chairs and so on.

The ergonomic regulation of fatigue mainly from the following aspects

1, head: Head pillow height and rotation can be adjusted, can allow the use of the cervical vertebra natural laminating head pillow, standardize the sitting posture, will resist office enjoyment. The height of the head pillow fully supports your cervical spine for the best position.

2, chair back: The waist of the best support position is the third, the fourth spine, the whole chair back can be highly adjustable, easy to meet the needs of different users, to alleviate the lumbar spine suffered most of the body weight.

3, waist support: separated activities waist, back to the elastic concentrated on the activities waist, to the user the most closely supported. Activity waist by adjusting the bend degree so that the whole lower back relaxed comfortable affixed to the waist back, so that the spine to relax, thereby lifting the fatigue of the spine.

4, Armrest: Adjust the height and angle of armrest, let the hand and mesa more smooth transition to prevent the mouse hand.

Angle free adjustment, stepless locking, arc-shaped back design, bow rack strength and elastic treatment, handrails arc streamline processing.

5, Height: should be adjustable. Everyone's height and legs are long and different, therefore, in the choice of ergonomic chairs, we first exclude the height of the seat cushion, suitable for the narrow fixed-style work chair, and choose to be able to free the level of adjustable seat cushion height of the lifting work chair.

6, Depth: should be deep enough and can be adjusted. The edge of the cushion should have a so-called waterfall elastic edge design, when the user leans or back to the body, the edge of the cushion can bend at any time to release the lower thigh pressure, promote the lower limb blood circulation, and do not produce the feeling of sliding out of the seat.