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The office furniture maintains dehumidification moisture-proof small coup

Solid wood furniture: With absorbent paper posted surface moisture

Resurgence symptom: Nowadays, a lot of solid wood furniture in the factory before the strict drying process, but this does not mean that can not often carry out moistureproof care.

To cope with small coup: solid wood furniture to use special cleaning agent maintenance, can be used to protect wax or special detergent evenly coated on the furniture surface, and then gently wipe to maintain its luster and moisture; If the wood-based panel furniture is not good or damp, easy to absorb water causes furniture plate swelling, damage, in use to pay attention to waterproof, in the easy to absorb water under the furniture leg add waterproof pad, close to the wall and toilet wall to keep a good ventilation distance.

Leather Furniture: desiccant dehumidification effect Best

Resurgence symptom: Leather furniture will encounter cold hardening after the resurgence, in some less ventilated surface will appear mildew point, even after damp easily lead to deformation or colored leather fade.

To cope with small coup: it is best to wipe out the special mink oil, sheep oil, leather oil and so on after the dedusting of the surface. Use soft dry cloth to wipe the surface moisture, and mildew can be used in addition to the removal of mildew agent in the coating leather maintenance oil; for leather sofas, consider appropriate to put some desiccant to keep dry.

Cloth Sofa: better absorbent sofa towel

Moisture regain symptom: moist, easy to stain sticky with ash is easier to show dirty.

To cope with small coup: cloth sofa To use a special vacuum cleaner the surface of the dust absorption, preferably with absorbent can be good sofa towel, and often wash.

Metal Furniture: Dry wipes, anti-rust agent Clearance

Moisture regain: The condition of rusting metal armrest or foot, especially the surface of iron furniture faded and spots.

To cope with small coup: metal furniture to often use tarpaulins and gentle detergent scrub, as far as possible not to use in humid environment, and pay attention to waterproof moisture, such as the best used dry cloth to clean the wet weather. If rust, then can wash cloth or toothbrush stains rust remover, then use dry cloth polishing; if iron furniture, found that rust spots should be timely to fill paint, such as found on the surface of dew should be timely with dry cloth wipe, prevent rust.

Rattan furniture: Do not let its weave shape distortion

Resurgence symptom: Rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of moisture, but if absorbed excessive moisture, will become soft, loose structure, flat droop.

To cope with the small coup: rattan furniture seamless cracks between mold and breeding molds, to often clean, ventilation work must be done, but after cleaning do not in the scorching sun exposure, to prevent their deformation or rupture.