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The design of office furniture should conform to ergonomic design

Apr 12, 2017

Furniture is not as long as good-looking, but also to use comfortable and convenient. The design of modern furniture emphasizes the combination of ergonomics. Ergonomics attaches importance to "people-oriented" and emphasizes all human services, emphasizing that mankind's clothing, food, residence, line, from the person's own departure, under the premise of human subject to consider other factors. Ergonomics has been widely used in modern industrial product design, the application of furniture design is also mature.

Furniture product itself is used for human, so, furniture design of the scale, modelling, color and layout of the body must conform to the physiological, psychological scale and the activities of the body parts of the law, in order to achieve safe, practical, convenient, comfortable, beautiful purposes. The application of ergonomics in furniture design is to emphasize the physiological and psychological reactions of furniture in the course of use, and to carry out scientific experiments and measurements, and to provide scientific basis for furniture design on the basis of extensive analysis. At the same time, people's work, learning, rest and other life behavior decomposition into a variety of posture models, as a study of furniture design, according to the position, seating and lying level of the datum points to standardize the basic furniture and furniture relationship between the scale.

Specifically, in the design of furniture scales, cabinet class, non-seat podium and table height design to the position of the person's benchmark; seating use of furniture, such as desks, dining tables, seats and so on the seat of the datum point; bedding, sofa bed and couch are the standard point of the lying position. If the height of the design of seats, is the seat (sitting bones node) datum points for the measurement and design, height is often fixed between 390mm-420mm, because the height is less than 380mm, the knee will arch cause uncomfortable feeling, and stand up to appear difficult; height greater than the length of the lower limb 500mm when the body pressure scattered to the thigh part, so that the medial thigh pressure, lower leg swelling and so on. In addition, the width, depth, inclination, and bending degree of the seat face fully take into account the human body's scale and the regularity of the activities. In the cabinet of the depth of furniture design, the height of the writing desk and leg space, the elastic design of mattresses, such as the human body, from the physiological needs of human.

Furniture design, material selection and collocation, decorative patterns, color patterns, etc., more consider the psychological needs of people. such as the elderly room furniture modelling dignified, elegant, deep color, rich pattern and so on; young people's Room furniture modelling concise, lightsome, bright color, decorative beautiful, and so on; children's room furniture modelling color jump, small and rounded shape Material soft and hard, color of warm, decorative simplified and so on will arouse people's strong psychological reactions, so, modern furniture design varies from person to individual, more fastidious personalized, custom-made style of furniture design and production will be more appear in the furniture production and circulation.

Therefore, good furniture design can alleviate people's labor, save time, make people healthy, happy, and good furniture design benefit from the correct use of ergonomic principles.