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How to choose the high end and general resolution skill of ergonomic chairs

Apr 12, 2017

With the accelerated pace of work and life, a large number of computer families, not only need to sit in the office for a long time in front of the computer, home may also be the president of the time in front of the computer office or leisure. The result is that more and more people, often easily feel the pain of lumbar back, even produce cervical vertebra, spine and other types of "sitting" related illnesses. So, choose a comfortable computer chair, become a lot of people's real needs.

With the improvement of people's living standard, a large number of people are no longer satisfied with the cheap office computer chairs of Bai Yuan, hoping to buy more comfortable high-end computer chairs. Because you know, like automobiles, computers and other common commodities, like to use more comfortable, of course, as far as possible to choose their own range of higher prices.

How to identify high-end or ordinary computer chairs, to prevent being fooled, this becomes a lot of people urgently need to understand. From the industry insiders understand that in fact high-end and ordinary computer chairs, the difference is relatively large, experienced people can easily see.

The main difference between high-end and ordinary computer chairs

High-end and ordinary computer chairs, the main difference, one is the design, the second is the material selection. Design is the essence, more intuitive and easy to see, mainly including the appearance of design, ergonomic design (in which functional design is intuitive to be seen, followed by a detailed explanation). Material selection, which is a lot of tricks, the average person is easily fooled.

1. The appearance difference is most intuitive

The overall appearance, very directly can be seen, high-end computer chairs, apparently more sedate and durable, while inexpensive computer chairs are shown very thin.

From the design of ergonomic design point of view, high-end ergonomic computer chairs, in order to alleviate fatigue, the protection of human health, the back of the chair is S-shaped design to fit the spine curve.

Of course, well-known, the country's cottage ability is very strong, some inexpensive chair back also design S-type, but from the side of the chair a little careful look, it can be found that cheap chairs the so-called s-shaped curve, with the overall rendering of the chair is not coordinated, look more stiff

2. function is the key to ensure comfort

From a practical point of view, undoubtedly, as a hundred million ordinary mobile phone with a thousands of-yuan Apple mobile phone, in the use of experience must be very different, high-end ergonomic computer chairs more comfortable. The main reason is that, in order to make users more comfortable, designers will be based on the relationship between the body and posture, strictly adhere to the ergonomic design, multi-functional design.

3. Material is guaranteed

Any product, in addition to design, function, but also need to pay attention to material materials. Good material is the necessary guarantee of quality.