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Four key elements of office furniture

Apr 12, 2017

Office furniture is composed of four elements: function, material, structure, appearance form, these four factors are interrelated and restrict each other, promote the development of furniture. The main content of these four elements and the relationship between them are expounded separately.

(1) function

Any piece of furniture is designed for a certain purpose. Therefore, the functional composition is the central part of office furniture, which is the dominant factor and the motive force for the existence and development of office furniture. In the design of office furniture, first of all, from the point of view of the function, the collection of office furniture users information, the collection of office furniture rotation environment related information, in order to determine the furniture materials, structure and appearance form.

Generally speaking, office furniture products can be divided into four aspects, namely technical function, economic function, use function and spirit function.

(2) Materials

Material is the material foundation of office furniture, from the development course of office furniture, office furniture materials show diversified characteristics: stone, timber, bamboo, rattan, leather, fabric, glass, pigment, rubber, man-made board, sponge, glue, paint, well-behaved. Although the office furniture material is numerous, however, in the office furniture design, must consider various factors, the material enters the purposeful choice to use. In the selection process, the main considerations are as follows:

First, the material processing technology, the material process directly affects the office furniture production and the quality. For the timber, in the process of considering the influence of moisture to produce swelling, anisotropy, warping deformation, etc. for the MDF and MDF to consider the brittleness and hardness of the decorative layer, to determine the appropriate feeding speed, to prevent the blasting edge, to improve the quality of sealing; plastic materials should be considered ductility, thermoplastic deformation, etc. Glass should consider its thermal brittleness, hardness and surface quality.

Second, the material texture and the outside quality, can give people different psychological feeling. Wood belongs to natural materials, texture naturally, and easy to process, is the production of office furniture materials. Plastics and synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring properties, but easy to aging, easy to heat distortion, with this production of office furniture, its service life and use of limited scope.

3. The economical nature of the material, the economical nature of the furniture material includes the material price, the material processing labor consumption, the material utilization and the richness of the material utilization. Although wood has natural texture and other characteristics, but with the increase in demand, timber accumulation is declining, resources are increasingly scarce, and timber materials similar to the economic aesthetics of materials will be widely used in furniture life.

Fourth, the strength of materials, different materials, different strength. The same material in office furniture, the role of different parts of the strength requirements, and the size of the different specifications. In a word, the strength of the material is considered to hold the nail force, crack resistance and elastic modulus.

Fifth, the surface decoration performance, in general, the surface decoration performance refers to its finishing, adhesive paste, carving, ironing, branded a good decoration of the feasibility.

(3) Office furniture structure

The structure is the form of the connection between the office furniture parts. Structure of office furniture to the user's physiological and psychological impact. The connecting mode between parts depends on the performance characteristics of materials and fittings, and the structure design based on the principle of ergonomics can improve people's efficiency.

(4) Appearance form of office furniture

Appearance form is the function and structure of office furniture intuitive performance. The appearance of office furniture is attached to the structure, but the appearance of the form has a greater degree of freedom, the same appearance can be different structure, such as Cabinet Office furniture furniture basic structure, but the appearance of the same style. The appearance of office furniture can also be understood as the first feeling of the formation of furniture, with the function of transmitting information, and directly exerting the aesthetic function of office furniture.